What's New?

In version 2.54, new feature, password protection, is added. To use it, go to Menu/Settings/Preference and check the item Password Protection. Then, click Set Password.
After setup, password will be required at the next time Money Droid starts.

In version 2.48, preference to define first day of each month is added. It will affect Interval: Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

E.g., specify first day with 5. Interval: Monthly will collect all transactions from the 5th day of this month to the 4th day of next month.

In version 2.42, number format is localized to meet system settings.
In version 2.41, date format is localized to meet system settings.

In version 2.40, a preference to change initial position (yellow bar) of current time in chart is added. Go to Menu>Settings/Preference and change item under Graphic Analysis.

Currently there are 3 options to locate initial position: First, Mid and Last.

In version 2.36, to prevent from adding transaction with zero amount, a confirm dialog will prompt after entering a transaction with zero amount.

In version 2.35, a confirm dialog will prompt after selecting batch operation since version 2.34 removed confirm button of single selection.

In version 2.34, users are allowed to change abbreviation of filter text. Go to Menu>Settings/Preference and change options under Filter Text.

In version 2.33, theme Gradient Black has been adjusted (adding some icon fitting this style.)

In version 2.32, old style first page is back. Go to Menu>Settings/Preference and change item, Theme/First Page.

In version 2.30, users can change theme (Pearl White/Gradient Black.) Just go to Menu>Settings/Preference and change item, Theme/Theme. Then, after restarting Money Droid, the new look and feel will be installed.

Note: Colors in Overview page of Gradient Black theme will change randomly.

in version 2.20, users can do multiple selection in Filter Machine. For example, users may select Cleared (C) and Reconciled (R) of Mark filter to get balance kept by bank.

Or users may select some categories in pie chart. To review the changes of their ratios over time.

In version 2.15, users can transfer money between accounts. This function locates at Menu>Management/Transfer.

In version 2.14, preferences to set default account, category and date of Transaction Editor are added.
1. Last Account as Default: If checked, Transaction Editor will keep account of last transaction as default. Therefore, users can successively add transactions under same account. If unchecked, it will take the first account in the list as default.
2. Last Category as Default: same mechanism as above.
3. Date Option Visibility: If checked, a option to set (Now/Last) will be visible on the LHS of Date/Time in Transaction Editor. Clicking it will change its state: (Now) will reset Date/Time field to now; (Last) will reset to as last transaction's.

In addition, touchable area of buttons is enlarged. And the fields in Editors are slightly rearranged to reduce movement of finger.

In version 2.12, to fast switch Mark of transaction, a Mark swicher is added.

In version 2.12, to mass change Marks of selected transactions, Money Droid provides batch operation. The previous reset button (on the bottom right of screen) in the transaction list is upgraded. It will display a dialog with 5 options after clicking:
1. Reset: original function to reset filter
2. U to C: update all unreconciled to cleared
3. C to R: update all cleared to reconciled
4. C back to U: return all cleared to unreconciled
5. R back to C: return all reconciled to cleared

Note: In option 2 to 5, only transactions under current filter will be affected

In version 2.10, Money Droid supports Mark. Now a transaction can be marked as unreconciled, cleared, reconciled and void. Besides, transaction list is slightly changed. All transactions within the same day will be grouped to under same time tag.

Note: Mark feature is disabled in default. Turn on "Preference/Mark Visibility" to enable it.

In version 2.07, along with statability improvement, a newly 1x1 widget is included. And You can find some customization options in preference page.

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